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Facts to Know Before Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship has become like a fantasy to most youngsters. Although it can seem creamy, you would have to go through a lot of struggles to be successful in any kind of business. You may get inspired by seeing successful entrepreneurs like John Abio. However, only a few business people would share their hard experiences before […]

Versatility of Entrepreneurship

According to economics, entrepreneurship focuses on the capacity to transform ideas and technologies into services and products; hence it does not matter if it is an existing business or an infant one. Entrepreneurs are individuals who decide business ideas, then implement these ideas with the aim of making profit while growing the business at the […]

Entrepreneurship: What Does It Take?

Entrepreneurship is the act of implementing a business initiative while taking actions to effectively handle risks for the growth of the business. Tenacity of entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs act as creators or managers of a business and they take the initiative to grow the business by undertaking risks. They supervise the creation and gradual growth of a […]

Entrepreneurship: What is it?

Entrepreneurship is the making or developing of value, thus can be viewed as change usually involving risks undertaken in a business. It can also be seen as the act of planning, starting and operating a new business, most often a small business at first before it grows. Either way, entrepreneurship involves the capacity to build […]